Weird Lighting In UE5

I’m having some weird lighting artifacts on skeletal meshes with just the default scene in UE5. None of these are present in UE4 with the same assets. There are a few artifacts under the right breast but where things get really crazy is on the face as his head bobs around. There is only one directional light and its coming from where the artifacts are appearing which makes no sense. I did try making an empty scene with just a directional light and the same thing happened so its something to do with the default global lighting settings?

Anyways sorry if this is just a common thing and theres a one click fix somewhere but I wasn’t able to find any reference of this issue being mentioned via google. Anyone know anything?

Update - I think this is a confirmed bug with the engine. Someone mentioned on discord that this may be an issue with a recent update on VSM. I toggled off VSM and switched back to shadow maps and everything worked properly. Is there a better place to report this bug or do the devs see these here?