Weird Light Spots

My team is making a game at the moment. Its a retro game, so its very low in quality. Our props are very simple to deal with. Saying that, after we are baking our lights, we have these weird red dot spots around the level in various places. For example,the surface on the image, doesnt have any lights pointing at it,and yet, these spots are there. Could someone suggest what it can be?

We also can see these spots on our static meshes’ surfaces

Post the settings of the lighting, including the World Settings Lightmass list. What is the lightmap resolution on the meshes (range)? At lower resolutions, certain settings result in artifacts and lighting issues, but it depends on the lights’ settings and the lightmap resolution / LOD settings of the meshes too.

thanks for the reply,we sorted it out earlier today, we didnt check the world settings lightmass setttings as you said. We usually had a map with these settings set from the beginning,but apparently we made the level from a an empty map so we didnt have anything from the world settings set.

Yeah, the settings have variance among different presets for levels and empty ones.