Weird Issue on PS5

I develop on the PC and then I test on the PS5 and my PC together, to mimic two players in the game at once. This typically works fine, but this stopped working with a map that I recently created.

If I am in editing mode or game mode, the issue doesn’t occur, but when I push the game out to a private version and enter it the PS5 version throws up these invisible walls in strange (but persistent) locations that I can’t pass through.

The PC version works fine, and I tested on the Nintendo Switch and found that worked fine as well, so this appears to be specific to the PS5. I also tested on my second PS5, which did the same thing, and I uninstalled Fortnite on both and reinstalled it, with no change.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I’m currently trying to determine if this is something that might be unique to this map, or if others have experienced it, before creating a bug report.

Same situation except for me it’s that only on the PS5 my lighting gets extremely buggy, and my Crowd Volumes just disappear. I test on the XBox Series S, PS5, and Switch, and it all works fine during the edit session. But when I test a private code, or publish the map, the glitch literally only happens on the PS5, so I think it’s on their end.

That makes me feel a little bit better. I posted a bug report to see if we can get this looked into

Yep, can confirm strange behaviour on PS5 only here too.

Mine is player reference devices! Eliminations always show as 0 on PS5, even though on every other platform they show correctly.

@anonymous_user_6f664e291 Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative

Hi Stevie,

I filled out a bug report a few days ago, but unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back yet.

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