Weird Issue. Indirect lighting intensity not working

Hi guys I am started a scene interior day lighting and facing this weird issue, even though i have put 2000 indirect lighting intensity but still, there is no indirect bounce coming its like light is not bouncing off. I have put Directional light with Moveable, but tried making it stationary and build the scene still noting workout.

please can anybody help me on that…

Let me know if you need more info…


I’ve encountered the same problem. “Indirect Lighting Intensity”, right above “Volumetric Scattering Intensity” in the light, doesn’t work or change lighting / add bounced light.

Well, I am not 100% sure but the solution is to use light Stationery as that option is not supported with moveable.

You said changing it to stationary didn’t work.

Were you referring to the skylight set to stationary is the solution? That wouldn’t be a solution if it doesn’t work for the directional. Increasing intensity to a large value is one way to get the Indirect Lighting Intensity to add bounced lighting. But it has to be quite high, around a minimum of 50, I think…though it depends on the scene’s other settings.

I am talking about Directional light to be set in the Stationary. Indirect intensity is just intensity control for the bounce light.

I meant Indirect Intensity works more the higher the base Intensity is set for stationary directional light.

yes that is true