weird emissive reflections in water on certain materials

This has been baffling me for ages now. At first I thought it was the reflection method I was using i.e. lumen vs raytracing. I then tried planar reflection, and while that worked, it didn’t look as good as the water material I was using. Searched hi and low and drilled it down to the above image. Objects are casting bright reflections. But when I switch to a very basic black material, it’s ok.

Materials is Unreal’s ‘M_Water’.

Any ideas??

Check the lumen reflections debug view under lit. Are you using Nanite?

Hmm. It appears there are no reflections in the lumen reflections view. Bugged glow glitch is visible in standard reflection debug view.

Yes I am using nanite.

If you create a new simple solid color material and assign it to the meshes, does it have the same bug?

Here it is with everything stripped (well, hidden) but the water and the objects and a directional light:

EDIT: had to delete what I wrote above because no, a simple material now does NOT fix it.

This part of the material node does look suspicious though. I just don’t know what to do with it as it was unplugged by default:


And those nodes (and there’s a bunch more) all end up in the emissive channel of the material.