Weird Element Order Issue

Hey All, I’m getting a weird Element Order issue where two models which have the exact same Material in Max, which has multiple elements (set Ids), when imported in Unreal, the order seems to be random, as you can see in this example, both models have the exact same material when exported, yet the order is different. I’ve gotten multiple different element Orders from the same materials, I’m just showing two for example. I’m only asking because I am randomly setting the color for the models and they need to have the same Element Number for the same Materials for it to work. Any ideas?

Thanks :smiley:

2016-11-12 02_04_56-ToyMechs - Unreal Editor.png

2016-11-12 02_05_14-ToyMechs - Unreal Editor.png

2016-11-12 02_06_32-Slate Material Editor.png