Weird curves lines showing on my mesh


Some strange curves lines are showing on my static mesh. The wall panels have a reflective material and it has a rippled surface. When I zoom in disappears. Somebody knows what can be the problem?

Can we have a piccy?

I’ve added a picture but here I send it again :slight_smile:

I’d look at 2 areas:

  1. Your material. How complex / simple is it? Try another.

  2. Try changing your anti-alias settings:

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Thank you! I will look into it :slight_smile:

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hello have you found any solution for this

What is shown is a moiré pattern. It’s an artifact of screens when thin patterns (like stripes) are overlayed on another thin pattern (like the pixels of a screen). Higher resolution and antialiasing can help but the only real fix is avoiding interference patterns. This is why newscasters don’t wear thin stripes.

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increasing screen
resolution will give a huge fps reduction though i hope there is any solution for this isuue soon

It cannot be “fixed” because it is a fundamental part of geometry and physics. It can only be mitigated by changing the interfering geometry or increasing the resolution. It has nothing to do with unreal engine and even happens with real footage and sometimes even the naked eye.