Weird color after bake

So, in one of my rooms, it for some random reason bakes green color into lighmap. I have no idea why, since in other room (that has the same setup) is totally fine. It all started after I put tables in. All rooms have the same setup, one stationary light, one box reflection capture.ímek%20obrazovky%20(946).png?dl=0ímek%20obrazovky%20(947).png?dl=0

I’d appreciate quick help, since I’m on a tight deadline (Thursday evening). Thank you!

Did you solve this?

Yes. Even tho the light had the same parameters as other lights (I did copy-paste batch) I deleted it and copy pasted light from another room and the problem was gone. It also may have been error coloring that I didn’t notice was turned on. To be honest I have no idea what solved it, but I fixed it somehow and in that moment that mattered to me.

TL;DR for those who face the same problem:

  1. Try to replace the light

  2. Make sure error coloring is turned off

Thank you,

but I don’t have a light in this room Office - Unreal Editor (379 kb) закачан 5 апреля 2017 г. Joxi
error coloring is disabled.
very strange(

And what is the problem exactly? I don’t see any.

To be honest, I don’t see any green in that room. Maybe it’s visible from another angle?

My best guess is the tree, try to remove it and see if anything changes. Make sure to bake the light. If that doesn’t help, I’m out of options, I was using UE4 only for very short period of time so my knowledge is very limited and I’m not working in UE4 anymore.

bad room in green color.

and it without tree too.
small green.

Thank’s for trying to help)