Weird bug, events don't fire in VR Preview

Already restarted both editor, steam vr, and computer - not sure what is going on - but if you look at this clip, you can see what is going on - I put a break on the level blueprint that is loaded on begin play and that didn’t fire - you can see too that all my place blueprints are there, so none of their begin play functions fire - even the character who runs on the treadmill normally, he’s frozen (just set to use animation asset)

It’s as if both animations and all begin play functions have been turned off - those cars and green manniquins you see are just blueprint actors that will spawn in a variety of a car or character -

is there some setting that I missed? I’m on 4.25 and I’ve never encountered anything like this in 3 years using the editor and VR - when I hit Regular play (non-vr) it works like normal) but obviously I need the VR preview to work if I want to do anything

Here’s another clip - you can see me hit “simulate” and everything plays like normal - but not when I hit VR preview IMMEDIATELY after

VR Controls work and I haven’t changed any obvious settings that I can recall.

Not sure if this will help but sometimes when I simulate it’s fine, then when I ‘launch’ it won’t include my recent updates. I have to package the project, and sometimes even install that project. Then the ‘launch’ works as expected.