Weird blue artifacts when enable path tracer

I get weird blue artifacts all over my screen when I switch to path tracer in unreal engine 5.1
So I imported my UE 5.03 scene in UE 5.1 and I get these weird artifacts going on

Hi Zazian,
I have the same error. I can’t find any solution to our problem. The screenshot is a blank template and I activated the path tracing. Hopefully they will fix this on the next version.

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I hope so mate, because I love ray tracing so much and I was excited when I first heard that ray tracing is going to support fogs. But now I’m just heartbroken because I can’t use ray tracing completely.

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I’ve found the solution to this problem. So it’s so simple, when I redownloaded UE5, the issue disappeared and path tracing works as smooth as it used to be

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