weird black blotchy spot on DFAO

Hi, I just started recently using DFAO. For the project I am currently working on, I notice there’s these weird back spots on DFAO.
I couldn’t seem to find any solution to get rid of it. Anyone got an idea how to fix it?


I’ve asked about similar issues without any luck here. But usually splitting up the model into smaller seperate meshes seems to fix the problem somewhat, it can be a lot of work sometimes.

the whole train is actually multiple meshes assemble in a BP. But you did provide some hints here, seems like the spots only occur on big panel meshes that I run tiling texture on them… though I have no idea if there’s a connection to that.

The general problem here is that sometimes due to simplification the distance field surface of a mesh ends up extending out beyond the triangle surface, so that when the shader runs and checks the distance field, it finds that the triangle is behind the distance field volume, which means that it should be in shadow.

The usual solution is to either increase the distance field resolution for that mesh, or apply a bias to the distance field for that mesh, just like you might bias the shadow projection for a light source to prevent shadow acne. It is basically the same kind of glitch.

Paper thin surfaces and holes or T junctions in your mesh can also cause problems, because they make it unclear what parts are inside vs outside of the volume. You get best results by making everything watertight.


For me its mainly been large environmental meshes (either large-one piece mesh or multiple smaller ones combined) that causes this. I usually end up either splitting them up into multiple parts which can be some extra work when I have to split up a large single mesh. I’ve sometimes just ended up disabling DF on those larger meshes.

You could try to bump up the DF resolution scale under “LOD0” and click apply in the mesh settings window (not in the world outliner), sometimes thats enough .

Easy/quick fix… in the Static Mesh properties, in the LOD 0 section change the “Distance Field Resolution Scale” to something low (ex: 0.01) then Hit “Apply Changes”

Why even bother having a distance field if you’re going to set its resolution scale to 0.01…

Distance Fields are set globally across the entire project. There are situations where you want to disable it on particular assets…like in the one included in the screenshot! It happens. There’s a solution. Someone asked for help, I provided a solution.

This doesn’t explain why you’re setting it to 0.01. If you want to disable distance field generation on a particular object you can just set the resolution to 0. Setting it to a “low number” just hobbles the resolution.

If you don’t want it to affect DFAO you can also just uncheck “affects distance field lighting”

I can’t see the original authors issue because this post is 5 years old, but more than likely they needed to adjust their resolution slightly to get rid of the black spots but there is no need to disable the distance field or set it to 1% scale.