Weird behavior on high resolution materials when step back.

Hello everyone!

I am trying to make some high quality ArchViz renders, but I am having some issues with the HD materials I am making:

See, at close range everything works fine, but once I get far enough the texture starts to getting wierd.

To solve this I’ve made a Camera-Object distance node related with the same texture at low res, but it don’t works fine once the transition is not the greatest/most realistic thing to see, and depending the shape or the size of the object the distance varies.

It happens with the high res materials with close patterns.

Do anybody knows how to fix it?


PS: anti aliasing is set to max, and the method is Temporal AA. Is the one who works the best.

That’s an effect called moiré and the only way to fix it is to increase anti-aliasing

Thanks for the answer, I have set the AA to the temporal mode and set to epic at the scalability Sttings. That’s all I can do?
It didn’t change a thing :frowning:

Well, assuming those are texture maps, mipmapping should help mitigate that. You can adjust the way mipmaps are computed in the texture editor. Also note that mipmaps don’t get calculated at all for non-power-of-two textures, so ensure your texture is sized properly first. My guess is it isn’t, since the default settings shouldn’t result in the sort of extreme aliasing you’re seeing here.

Yep!! That was the issue!! It worked! Thanks a lot! I´ve just changed the Mip Gen Settings and the LOD Bias.
Thanks a lot!