Weird artifact with metal material - Any Ideas?

I’ve run into a strange problem with one of my models. I made the model in Blender. Here is a screenshot:

As you can see, the reflections look less than perfect. What causes this? That Pod is made up of 3 sub objects - one being all of the metal parts, one is the glass, and one is the tube.

Each mesh has its own UV and Lightmap UV and is exported as the same .fbx. In UE4 I’m importing them without the “combine meshes” checkbox checked. I’m combining them manually in a Blueprint if that matters.

Another picture from a different angle:
So my question is whether or not this is a lightmap issue, a reflection issue, or what?

That is a smoothing group issue. I dont know how to fix it in Blender but i’m sure you can find an answer regarding that either in here or the forums.