Weekend fun

Love this engine! I finally get a chance to realize a universe I have had in my head for several years now. Here is a quick vid of just some quick R&D on a couple of things. First the pawn switching aspect is just in this vid to simulate getting into the spider tank to drive it. I wanted to figure out how to switch players for another aspect so it knocks out 2 birds in one. Next I wanted to comp out 4-5 pieces and see how far I can push them…this isn’t a layout of anything specific just a test of how 5 pieces play together. I also wanted to get sound and music in just to see how to implement it. The song is something I made a bit ago for a town walking vibe…it loops terribly but I just wanted to get something in. Anywho…here is the link.


(P.s. Yes I have seen the spider tank in the watchdogs vid release today…made me sad they were getting down tachikoma style also, but that game is looking way too good)

Did you model all this? This looks really amazing man. :slight_smile:

-NVM. :slight_smile: Still good though.

Thx !

Yes, it all stuff I made except for the human character that comes with the third person example of course :). It’s literally just 5 modular pieces. Just doing a comp test with those parts to see what shapes I can make.

Well it came together rather well. I like it.

I have to agree with , this already looks really great!
Keep it up :slight_smile:

OMG, I have to see this video - but it’s loading so **** slowly here - i’m having to download it. I’ve seen the first 2 seconds and it looks remarkable! Loving the chrome texture on the pawn.

Mind = blown. Wow, the materials are suburb, and the god rays passing over the spider when it jumps are mesmerising! I need you on the SPECULA project! I can help you out with an OST if you’d like :wink:

Amazing man!

If any other videos equal or top the first one I will be following this project lol! :slight_smile:

This does not look like weekend fun… but like interesting concept :slight_smile:

Very nicely done! Loved the vid. Ty for sharing :slight_smile:

Agh I need to see it but it is downloading so slow!!!

Looks good. I like the spider movement :wink:

Very cool stuff!

so awesome, love the robot crab. Needs a little dirt and more metalic finish :smiley:

Cool stuff man! I love seeing what people come up with using this engine :wink:

Thanks everyone for the positive words! I’ll make sure to keep posting progress.

Shane - You are the freaking man! :slight_smile: