WebRTC on Android + VR


I’m currently developing a piece of software that depends on video streaming through a WebRTC system. On PC works like a charm, with the desired fps and everything. The problem comes when I run it on an Android device through VR, as the WebRTC stream slows down quite a bit (the original source streams at 15fps, that’s the speed on browsers, unreal pc and on android vanilla browser outside unreal, but inside the Android’s webview given by Unreal I’m just receiving like 3 or 4 fps or less). I’ve tested other sources outside WebRTC, like videos, gifs, etc. And everything runs smoothly, so it seems it is related to WebRTC-Android combo.

Have anyone developed a working WebRTC app for android with Unreal?

What’s the current status of WebRTC on the Android part?

If needed to develop some code around it to make it work, where should I start?