Webrowser user-agent on Oculus Quest

Hi all,

We’re currently looking to run some data viz screens inside a virtual space we’ve created. An easy route would be to use the web browser plug in and then simply configure the URL to point to our online dashboards.

We’re using an Oculus quest - which clearly runs on Android. It seems the web browser plugin let’s the browser use its default user-agent. This is not useful (to us) as it means the page is always rendered as a mobile web site even though the screens are several metres (virtually) wide.

Is anyone aware of a way to configure the user-agent on the web browser blueprint so that we can force the Quest to render webpages as desktop? We’re open to other ideas (e.g. Android manifest) if anyone has any clever ways to do it that way.


Even if you get it working your APP won’t be approved by oculus for 1 reason. Apps are not allowed to require user interaction on the desktop(the firewall dialog will open if you have that plugin in use) this is NOT allowed by oculus.

Hi Ferris441,

I have a web browser in my quest app too. It seems to me that it can’t be rendered as desktop, for “security reason” like auto-playing videos isn’t allowed on android.

Unrelated question:
I can’t make the widget interaction component work in the browser (works fine on PC, not when I’m on the Quest), did you manage to interact with the browser on the Quest?

has anyone successfully made it work the web browser on Quest?