Weaponry framework - Fire Weapons

A complete 100% item and weapon blueprint system as base template for your project or prototype, save months of work and headaches in seconds for single player games.

Key Features
-Complete Item system focus in weapons logic.
-Ready for FPP and TPP games.
-Create any type of firearm create a Child of master Weapon BP and filling the required parameters.
-Add unlimited weapons without touch the code or set enumerations.
-Weapons have Automatic, burst and full automatic options.
-Spread fire based in character skill.
-Unlimited alternative fires.
-Examples of Rifle, pistol, dual weapons, stream weapons, shotgun fire, sniper rifle, rockets, Bow and Croosbow.
-Empty hands option.
-Change weapon magazine support.
-Keyboard and pad support.


Controls Example map
[table=“width: 500”]

Left Stick

Camera movement
Right Stick

Right Bump

A button

C Key
B button

Left Mouse button
left Trigger

Reload Weapon
R button 
B button

Next Weapon
Wheel mouse Up
D-pad Up / Y button

Previous Weapon
Wheel mouse Down
D-pad down

Melee Attack
Middle Mouse button
L button

Scope Zoom
Wheel mouse
D-pad Up-down 


Weaponry Framework Blueprints List









—Enumerations, macros and structures






—Related animations for example map


----Preconfigure examples of Rifle, pistol, shotgun, Sniper rifle, stream weapon, crossbow.

----Preconfigure examples of magazines.


----->Player Example
----->pc_MainCharacter (player controller)


—Related meshes for example map


—Example map
—Related Texture for example map

Reserved to tutorials

More Reserved to tutorials :cool:

Want. :slight_smile: Got my vote if it hits Trello. :smiley:

This looks cool. I really like the flexibility of a modular toolset. If I may, here’s some things I would like to see:

  1. Melee functionality. Common in first person games is the ability to whack the enemy with your gun if they get too close, or if you run out of ammo. Also since it’s modular, I should be able to make melee only weapons like an axe. That would be nice. It should look cool like how you have the visceral effects of aiming and firing a weapon. You’re doing a good job with that.
  2. An example with objects that detect hits from bullets (and also melee if it is implemented) so I can clearly see how I can get things to react to the player.

So yeah, if you implement these things then I am very confident I’ll purchase this framework.

Nice! Modular too. Perfect for my First Person Modular Fire Weapon System:

Chamber: The Weapon Core Component in which other components connect into. It is the mechanism loads ammunitions from the ammunition storage into the weapon, applies motivational force, directs ammunition through the barrel, and ejects ammunition byproducts. Chambers effect the amount, type and speed of loading ammunitions.
Barrel: Projects the ammunition. Barrels effect ammunition range and dispersion. Long Barrels produce long range/ narrow dispersion; Shorter Barrel produces short range/wide dispersion. Barrels also provide a ‘heat sinking’ for the weapon.
Loader: Can be attached to the barrel or magazine. Loads ammunition with Hand2.
Trigger: Control mechnism that activates Firing Unit/Mechanism. The Trigger determines how the user can fire the weapon. A weapon can posses multiple triggers.
Firing Unit/Mechanism: This component provides motivational force to a ammunition. High Quality Firing Units can project ammunition a great speeds long distances.
StockGrip: Absorbs Recoil. Recoil can effect weapon handling and accuracy. High Quality Stocks can absorbs greater amounts of recoil. Handgrip attaches to player.
Magazine: Magazine/PowerCell/Canister are storage components. These components effect Ammunition Refill/Recharge speed and Storage Quantity
AmmoMeter: A 3D HUD Display for Ammo Count associated with the magazine.
Scope: A HUD accessory component that assist in visibility of the target (ie: Zoom, Infrared, Thermovision)
TargetReticle: A HUD accessory component that assists in targeting and locking.
Distorter: This accessory attaches to the Barrel of the weapon to muffle sound of Solid Ammunitions or change the visual characteristics of Energy Ammunitions.
Bayonet: This Blade Weapon accessory attaches to the barrel of the weapon and used as melee weapon.
**Deflector **(not shown): This accessory attaches to the Chamber or Barrel providing defense shield capability.

@Eammy, yes, it is easy to implement , hit with the weapon, melee weapons(hammers, axes swords, pole arms, etc), throwing weapons (axes, bow, x-bow, etc), no weapons item(flashlight, etc), in fact my problem is more about the lack of props and animations to do it. But i can create a prototype version with bad animation and ugly props next week.

@TechLord, yes, with some work can fit with you project.

@Katalyst many thanks.

I have a weapon system, modular, a bit like the Cryengine one, that would allow you to create ANY weapon you want, with blueprint events. BUT its on c++, so i cant sell the plugin in the marketplace. It even has different zoom types, ballistic physics, and allows for fire mode switch anywhere.

Yeah, I’d really like to be able to do all those things properly. That would be awesome. Looking forward to future updates.

This is brilliant!

Do you also have settings for accuracy of bullets (initial shot, firing in a burst, time to reset), a melee attack, secondary fire or modes and firing multiple projectiles at once (such as Shotgun buckshot)?

@vblanco, yes off couse I don’t invent nothig new, but the blueprint version is perfect for Designer and artist to start inside of blueprints.

Melee atack is already implement in my game, soo port to this framework is to easy. Fire multiple projectiles is very easy because the firetype class inherit form actor, so can do it anything without change nothig in other blueprints.

Btw… Another thing in progress is magic, at last an example of fireball.

this is what I’ve been waiting for, this needs to get on the marketplace asap, hope it works with stream weapons like the lightning gun in quake also.

This looks great, how much of this “if even possible at all” would I be able to utilize if I tried to change the camera to a third person character point of view? Would there be a large amount items that are not compatible with that view?

It’s not as simple as changing the camera. Third person requires a different production pipeline in terms of mechanics and animation. This is why Rockstar had to make about 3000 new weapon animations specifically for it’s upcoming first person mode of GTAV.

Yes i would image so, there are probably a lot of changes i would have to do It’s why i am asking to try and understand the amount of work involved.

Also please please make dual wielding a possibility.

Is planned for sure, but not sure if come in inicial release.

I don’t sure that the system need hard changes like bypass some nodes related to the camera, but of course 100% sure you need create new animations Blueprints and blendshapes.

When the weapon in “Full automatic” and the “automatic fire rate” to 0 you have a stream of events in the firetype Baseclass, you need create a child class of firetype when the logic, a box trigger perhaps…

c++ plugin like fps template cannot be sold in the market?

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedbacks.

You can vote me in trello here:

I am learn also multiplayer to check the possibility of included, but I don’t wanna promise nothing.