Weapon Customization System

Fully customizable weapon system and mouse-controlled aiming down sights system

  1. Easy-to-use component system, you just add a component to your blueprint and use it.
  2. Concise and generous UI animation effects, most UI in the system have transition effects, making your UI interface smooth
  3. Automatic “aiming down sights”, you only need to set a socket position “SightPoint”, the system will automatically calculate the sighting position
  4. Save and load preset system for quick and easy use of customized weapons
  5. Support choosing different weapons for customization
  6. Support dynamic switching ADS
  7. Support Open/Close (something custom function in your custom weapon component - plase view the video) Custom weapon components

Video demo:Some weapons in the video come from FPS Weapon Bundle

Tutorial Video:


Play Demo:


  • Easy-to-use component system
  • Aiming down sights system
  • Save and load preset system

Number of Blueprints:
-22 Blueprints
20 Static Meshes (LODs:0):
-Optics dot sight, Front iron sight, Magazine, Muzzle , Handguard, Silencer, etc
Input: ( Keyboard, Mouse)
Network Replicated: (No)
Supported Development Platforms:Tested on Windows 10 64-bit desktop
Windows: (Yes)
Documentation: Video link above has detailed instructions. Blueprint code is all commented

If you have any questions, please ask them and I will reply you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support!


This looks awesome man! I don’t have much money to be able to pick this one up unfortunately but I wish you good luck in selling your first marketplace asset!

Thank you man

Update Content:

  1. Support choosing different weapons for customization
  2. Support mobile weapons
  3. Support separate control of hand position
  4. New walking animation
  5. New pose animation
  6. New weapons and accessories

NEW Video Demo Some weapons in the video come from FPS Weapon Bundle 009v2.jpg


Weapon Customization System V2.5
New content:

  1. Support Toggle ADS
  2. Support switch custom weapon components (using Action Component components, you can use it to customize any function, not just switch the flashlight!)
  3. Update the logic of switching sights, visual UI is more convenient
    Video Demo:

how i can create a custom preset for a AI character?

You can modify a little bit of code according to the following function, and then you can achieve what you want (of course you may need to copy this function to your Character). In the function BP_Character :: SpawnWeapon, a weapon can be generated. Then this place (please see the picture) replaces a piece of code, the index of the array is the index of the preset, select the preset you want, then what he generates is the weapon you want.

This says released, however i cannot purchase :frowning:
will you be opening it up for purchase or maybe a vouched copy?

Would be nice to know, if this will be added back for purchase.Btw, as far as I read, V3 is in the working, right? So maybe, will there be a release-sale? I’m really looking forward to buy this one. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support, it is now available

Thank you for your support, it is now available


**Update content: **

  1. Support custom character, that is, put your customized weapon on your body, you need to set Mesh Socket in advance
  2. IKAimOffset, no need to do animation
  3. Add fire sound

Video Demo:

How to merge into ALSv4

Hello Awesome Work!
I have a Question How would i be able to customize weapon with going to the menu ?

Custom weapons require you to configure some attributes in the blueprint

Hi Jackson!! This merge works with rifle to? And any weapon?

Hi **TacoPlayStudio !!**This merge works with any weapon.

How do you add your own custom weapons to work with your system?

Need to add custom weapon components to your weapon blueprint

Do you have any tutorails on how to add your own weapons to work with this?

Really liking this asset. Any chance for a tutorial on merging w/ ALS3? ALS4 is definitely better, but ALS4 replication is still a work in progress from what i understand.