Weapon can only attach to K2 Root Component in Motion Controllers

I’m having trouble getting my weapons to attach at other scene components other than the K2 Root Component that the hand mesh attaches to by default. Currently, the hand can only attach to the middle of the gun where the Root Component is rather than my Grip scene component. Whenever I connect my Grip component to the AttachToComponent node, the object can no longer be picked up. Am I missing a node between the component and AttachToComponent?

I am basing my weapons off the BP_PickupableCube that comes with the VR Template.

Bump, any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Is there anyone out there with a solution ?

What is the grip component made of that you are trying to attach? What happens if you make the static mesh the root component instead?

Do U know how can i get K2 Get Root Component in blueprint,I can not find this component node! :weary:

There are 2 different ‘AttachToComponent’ nodes and they look the same but attach different things. Search in the right-click menu and youll see. I ran into this exact problem when it came to attaching and detaching things using the VR template, so hopefully this will help.