We need the ability to filter the late update movement of the motion controllers.

It would be really useful, in certain circumstances, (UI, Aiming through a gun scope) to filter the micro movements of the motion controllers at least some of the time. Having the ability to dynamically remove the “Shaky Hand Syndrome” at runtime by manipulating a variable would be the best improvement Epic could make to motion controllers right now.

Currently motion controllers work by changing their position upon both Tick and Late Update correct? In unity you can code directly into the late update to achieve this filtering, but we can’t do this in Unreal right?

Really you would just need a threshold.

If movement is greater than threshold value then you move the controller, if not then ignore it.

You can do it in Unreal by using a class derived from the motion controller and changing the logic on the rendering thread or by throwing out components that you don’t want updated in the “GatherLateUpdateComponents” function. It is no harder than unity if you are using code.

In blueprint there isn’t a current way no.

Aiming through sights is better with late updates honestly though (the end location of the shot is closer to where the sight is), it is generally your own shakiness that gets in the way there unless your tracking has serious tremors.

Edit I will say that the worst problem with gun tracking with the controllers is the tracking wobble introduced when pressing the trigger. If you let the trigger snap back up it actually introduces enough vibration into the body that the internal positional sensor freaks out and throws out bad values for a moment.

I don’t think I shake more than most but in games like Out of Ammo I have to brace my right hand on my left forearm to be able to use the scope at all. This is bad if your game calls for left hand stabilization to reduce recoil and bloom. In our project right now we are using iron sights so its not as noticeable but I know it will be an issue when we add scoped sights particularly since the left hand is placed on a stabilization point to keep recoil down and cannot be used to brace the right hand.

What I would like to do is filter out the tiny variations in position while the weapon is “stabilized” but still allow big movements to function normally. Hotdogs, horseshoes and handgrenades has this exact function. He even highlights the issue in one of his videos.

Hot dogs and horse shoes also literally throws out late updating entirely. I noticed a long time ago how floaty the guns are in that game. If you want his actual behavior though you’ll need to either not use attach to for the grip and use movement instead or locally offset the gun to account for the shake reduction, turning off late updates won’t do it by itself.