We need experienced C++ programmer API Unreal Engine 4 (RTS Strategy)

Global war: GENERALS

**Products: **The multiplayer game - Strategy «Global War: GENERALS» under the «Windows» System distributed digital copies
Game engine: «Unreal Engine 4"
Graphics: 3D
Genre: RTS Multiplayer game (Real Time Strategy)
Followers: PEGI: 12+. Lovers of strategies in which it is easy to understand. Fans compete and create their own jobs, maps, and then to fight them with a computer opponent, or even with a friend.


Concept. Gameplay:
Formally, the game belongs to the classic RTS. She has such actions as are required to collect resources, build base, build armies before the attack, providing electric energy, defense and so on. N.
However, in some cases, the battle can not be carried out many thousands of armies, and a small, compact versatile units, which with proper management and timely support (aircraft, artillery, powerful tanks, snipers and so on. D.) Are able to win the battle of the enemy having much more serious force. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the development of the database and the number of units in the game there, so sometimes an army easier and faster from heavy armored vehicles, which will do away with the enemy in one fell swoop.

As with most strategies, the game is available a separate campaign for its storyline and single cards to battle against computer or live opponents. You can play LAN or Internet on the official game server. When performing certain conditions the player can earn medals and awards. Some of them turn out quite quickly (eg tanker medal you can get to build 100 or more tanks), while others need to make long and hard.

Home support side of the project in a variety of parties and gameplay process. There are 7 fractions (North American Consortium Global Freedom Army, European Union, Asian Alliance, Pacific cooperation, South African Adventure, Russian Federation) in each of which there are from 5 generals. Some generals prefer artillery and other aircraft, tanks, chemical weapons, hidden attacks, espionage, good mobility, etc. Each general has its own history and characteristics.

At the beginning of the game available to all factions of 7 one general. There is an opportunity to discover new generals as the transmission and pumping their profile.
It will be given the opportunity to select a camouflage for our army and any other customization. In the future, content updating: introduction to the game of new generals, units and support forces, as well as new missions, characters and multiplayer maps.

more here - Global War : GENERALS - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

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We urgently require an experienced programmer in C ++ under 4 API Unreal Engine to create demo version.
It includes:
-Main menu
-Online Game (through steam)
-Game with AI opponents
-One fraction
-System Weapons, Armor and preparation of units of the components
-Camera and the combat units
-Building base
-System Damage, Destruction
-Two Maps that can choose to fight (Maps data must be in separate files, the data of which is read and load map)
-Demo version small map editor
-Setting Git (or other)

-Preferably knowledge Russian language

Write me.

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And… there is a set of the development team for the project Global War: GENERALS!
We need: programmers C ++, developers on “Unreal Engine 4”, 3D and 2D designers and artists.

Skype: Pusciferfly, bussion
ICQ UIN: 707531305
mail: air-z@mail.ru, Pusciferfly@gmail.com

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All the details about the project:
Group Vk - http://vk.com/gwwgenerals
Gamedev - GWW-GENERALS Ищем заинтересованных людей в разработке серьёзной стратегии в реальном времени / Собираю команду / Форум / Проекты / GameDev.ru — Разработка игр
GameRanger - Global War: GENERALS - GameReplays.org

Is this paid or royalty?

Гугл транслейтед ?

we are willing to pay a modest amount until you get to find publishers and sponsors. I am sure - they will do if the ~ 20 second teaser

частично, он самый.
Наш переводчик занят другим делом.

Looking at the list, I estimate that to be around 12-18 months of work for an experienced programmer. The majority of your game framework is there, and you’ll probably want more than one programmer.

needs Artist, designers and programmer C++

needs Artist, designers and programmer C++

I baulked when I looked at that list. I couldn’t do all that in 18 months, it would take literally years. Realistically I think you’d want three or four people if you wanted it done in less than 12 months. Your core gameplay will take time, but you also need it to be network-ready, have AI opponents, and an ingame map editor (said map editor in itself could be a huge amount of work).
@AIR-Z - I think you should consider cutting down what you want to achieve massively and look at what is required for a minimum viable product, then talk to publishers about what more you intend to do and getting the budget for it.

That is true tbh… you’d need multiple programmers to do all that within 12-18 months.

Need programmers and Artist!

write me:

Skype: Pusciferfly, bussion
ICQ UIN: 707531305
discord: AIR-Z#5726
mail: air-z@mail.ru, Pusciferfly@gmail.com

or on the links below:
Помощь проекту: вакансии | GENERALS: Global War | VK - Technical Assistance Project
Книга жалоб и предложений. | GENERALS: Global War | VK - book offers