We are now accepting PayPal

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting PayPal as a payment option for Unreal Engine subscription!

The charges will appear as “Epic Games, Inc.” if you are using PayPal in the US, and “Epic Games International S.a.r.l.” if you are using it outside the US.

If you have suggestions for payment methods other than credit/debit cards and PayPal, or if you are experiencing any issues with our payment processing, please let us know by emailing

You are welcome to provide feedback, ask questions and so forth in the forums as well.

Any plans to accept Bitcoin?

Unfortunately there is currently no plan to support bitcoin.

Amazing news! I’m pleased to see this payment method is now available.

May your days be filled with rainbows!

Awesome job Epic!

Why isn’t it possible to switch from CreditCard to PayPal via the “Edit PAYMENT METHOD” option? Do I have to first cancel my subscription to do so?

I cancelled my sub and resubscribed, which gave me the PayPal option.

Did it immediately charge you again (doubling up on payment) or does it look like it will naturally charge you the next time your billing date comes around as I also want to change my payment method to paypal?

Hi All,

This was a bit of a limitation with our first Paypal roll out. Making “payment method switching” easier is on our plan for a future update. As discovered, the means to switch methods right now is via the Cancel and then Re-subscribe method.

Plenty of work to do on our payment infrastructure yet, which will allow us to implement basic usability capabilities for things like multiple payment methods. Hopefully this isn’t too much of a hassle until we can resolve.

Thanks for the feedback! Good things to come :slight_smile:


thanks for implementing this payment method :slight_smile:

It will not charge you immediately when you resubscribe. It will charge you when your next billing cycle arrives.

A thousand thanks. I have been stuck with the 4.02 ever since Entropay freezed my account. Finally I will be able to upgrade.

I will switch to paypal when I can easily edit the payment information w/o cancelling my subscription.

Thanks for the comment, I have now successfully switched to Paypal :slight_smile:

Waited so long for that. Thank you.

Now I can give you all my gold :slight_smile:

Why do so many of you switch to PayPal? I would understand it for those who cannot pay with a credit card directly. I would never use PayPal as my primary payment portal if I can use a credit card directly - as I am doing and will continue to do.

Just curious, nothing bad about PayPal…

Well done, I think PayPal covers 95% of payment needs.

One thing that still must be improved is invoicing: current receipts are not valid invoices in some EU countries (for example Italy - they don’t reports company names and VAT codes).

great news thanks !
right in time as my credit card expired!

My CreditCard is linked to another one (my father), I don’t have got a own CreditCard linked to my own Bank Account, so I prefere to bay via my Bank Account and Paypal rather that via CreditCard. :slight_smile:

Really? PayPal is used by millions of people around the world every day. If you’re able to visit virtually any online merchant and instantly pay without having to enter your credit card details every time…that’s convenient. Letting one firm (PayPal) access your details, rather than a whole host of different sites? That’s a bonus, as well.

Plus, one-click payment and being able to monitor all of your online purchases (and in-store, for those who have a PayPal credit card like myself) is rather nice. It beats dealing with my banks online statement system - which is absurdly complex.