Ways to id/tag whole players classes in blueprint Multiplayer?

Is there a way to tag a player when he joins a multiplayer game and all his components with him like everything in the gamemode for him, default pawn class, hud class, player controller class, gamestate class?

I need a better way of getting references from a players owned objects, right now I need to send data from a players character to his hud then to a object i made up that has nothing to do with him, which is a actor.

I’m finding the BP functions get hud requires get playercontroller and that function requires and index, it defaults to 0, so its always player 1, if i set it to 1 its player 2 etc… I need a better way of getting reference of a players classes.

I was thinking of maybe adding a player’s classes to a gamestate when he joins then incrementing a int each time someone joins and decrementing when someone leaves, but I haven’t really thought it out well.

Whats the best way to do this all in blueprint? Or a better way.

You can get access to player controller from possesed pawn via Get Controller

It returns Controller object so you will need to cast to PlayerController

I recomand you to stady API refrence which it should help you find right funtions to get specific from anything. Most blueprint nodes are really representation of C++ funtions (Get Controller above is a example), target input on nodes is there to determent from what object you want to call that funtion (So Get Controller node that belong to Pawn class will have target input waiting for Pawn input)

Not all funtions and varables are set for blueprint use, the once that are will have blue file icons in API reference

Thanks man that did it. Was stuck on this for hours!