Ways to bypass lack of Persistance

So I know that you can save classes between rounds and then based on that you can do certain things, but there is limit to the number of classes. I know some maps that would be impossible to make with that limitation so there has to be some way around it. If someone knows anything I would be very grateful for answer

I see two ways :

  • Do your own round system : pretty much a hassle to make but it can lead to many many many many many benefits as there are a lot of bugs that are round based. I might just do a topic on that one day…
  • The easier one, that I use in my maps, it’s situational, you have to enable “keep inventory” on death and disallow players to drop items. then you use the items to store your data.
    With the use of conditionnal buttons (that doesn’t consume the item), you can now know if the player has the item or not. You can only use item that doesn’t have the “Never Persisted” tag, and it works pretty fine actually. (but let’s keep that between you and me :hugs:)

Apparently there’s a new conditional button function that just came out today :

GetItemCount<public>(Agent:agent, KeyItemIndex:int):int = external {}

The Verse doc says “items stored” whereas the patch note says “items held” but I think it should be the items stored that’s being returned.
You should be able to retrieve the item count more easily with this.

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I managed to give agents specific item at the end of the round, but after next round starts agents inventory clears. To debug this I created new blank level, I disabled dropping items by agents and i set Keep Eliminated Player Inventory, but still after respawning on next round my inventory gets wiped. Do you know what causes this?

It turned out that resources can’t be saved but items can, so i have to go with items

I’ve been on it whole night, but i got it to work. Thanks for sharing your idea, and for updating me with this new function, it all helped a lot :hearts:

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In order to keep the resources between rounds you have to use :

  • Round settings device’s parameter Keep Resources Between Rounds set to 1.0
  • Team Settings parameter Eliminated Player's Resources set to Keep

I’m not sure why the last one is not available in Island Settings, but it should work this way I guess.

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