Wavy shadows?

Hey there,

Currently trying out Unreal and for some reason, the shadows in my map is being rendered all wavy, even though there’s nothing but box brushes being used to construct it. My lighting settings are all on max, and I’ve rebuilt a bunch of times, to no avail.

I’ve gone ahead and attached a picture of what I mean, and apologize if this has been posted before/is in the wrong thread!

That could well be because it’s a BSP surface perhaps? If it’s a static mesh then I’m not so sure, but if it’s BSP you could try increasing the Light Map Resolution. It probably looks soft because of AA or some kind of black-magic shadow smoothing going on somewhere.

You using a Static light only? Any dynamic shadows at all? Also, try adding a Lightmass Importance Volume to the level if you haven’t already, I’m not seeing any Indirect Lighting (unless my monitor is too low atm).

Slightly OT: dam man could have resized the image first :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s your lightmap resolution, it processes the lightmap to make edges nice instead of looking pixelated, if the pixels are large then it looks like that.

Ah, yup - lowering the lightmap resolution on the surface fixed this. Thanks, guys!