Wavy Shadow Problem

Hello, I’ve stumbled upon another problem, that started out of no where (I think, unless I’ve accidentally done something wrong) So, I’ve got part of a static mesh, that I’ve put in an empty level, to test to see if there is any errors in my UV. Here’s the problem

The Shadows have become wavy, and broken and I’m not sure why this is happening, as i’ve had perfectly fine shadows on previous projects.

Alright, I’ll test that now, and get back to you with the results!


Thanks for the reply.

It worked, but the shadows are still slightly jagged!

any thoughts?


You need increase Lightmap resolution of ground geometry.

The answer is definitely the lightmap resolution but here’s a slide show that I made to demonstrate what is actually causing the problem and a solution:

Short answer is; Your “ground mesh” is just too large for a low res lightmap. Scale the mesh down to 1/4 the size and then build it out of 16 meshes instead (4x4). You should always build your levels out of several smaller static meshes instead of scaling meshes to fill the entire scene (or use a landscape). As you scale a mesh up, it requires a higher lightmap resolution to give you the same visual fidelity.

You are a legend. Thanks for the slides!

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.