Waves on landscape

Hello everyone. It’s time to make a serious face and start writing an answer. I’m really “teapot” in using ue4 or other programs, so biggest part of my qestions are pretty easy for you.
I really want to get experience in working with materials… How to make sea waves, like in WoWs or another game.
And the second - how to make interacting water. For example, if I delete pool’s wall, water goes off. I think about particles, but there is 1000 particle barrier. For what is it?

Limitations in the engine are likely because it has to render every frame in real time, so you have to take a different aproach ti some things than you would in Maya for example, where you can spend hours rendering each frame if you want. If you want fluid dynamics i think there is a plugin for that.
If you want to make your own you might consider an approachc similar to meta balls or octree.
It’s not native part of the engine though. study hiw dynamic fluid has been done in other real time applications.

I don’t understand, which program must I use.

Traditionaly, to simulate water pouring out the side, you would use particle effects to emulate the gush of water.

Ocean waves can be made by panning height and normal maps accross a tesselateds plane, this is a pretty common, and simple aproach. Alternatively, you can creat mathBased “gerstner waves”.
Another aproach, would be to use a spritesheets/flip book. You can render a tiling flip book animation of an ocean simulation in a program like houdini, and use that in a UE4 material.

Any program you want. probably best to use one you alteady know, and that can export to FBX

Which program to use depends on what you want the water to look like and behave. But you create the pieces in your other program whether it is 2D or 3D, put thise pieces into Unreal, then use unreal to make them behave a certain way that you want.

I have seen demonstrations of how to do dynamic fluid in unreal but do t know how myself. There are special alternate versions of the unreal engine that optimize things like that.