WaterPlugin - Broken in UE 5.0.0?

When dropping a Water Body Ocean on a landscape, it flattens the surrounding area of the edges of the water body.

Seen from the sea floor

How could I get around this?

Example with a Water Body Lake

Notice the deformation on the Landscape immediately when it’s dropped and not a smooth transition/entry.

All of this happens on a Mac m1 pro

Have you found a solution to this?

I’ll reiterate my comments from the other water plugin thread…there are so many YouTubers directing people to use this plugin. It’s broken. It’s experimental, version 0.1 has not received any updates or attention basically since release and it looks like Epic just kind of abandoned it. It’s not worth the headaches associated with using it.

YouTube warriors give terrible advice; making your own water shaders will save you a lot of headaches until Epic decides to pick this thing up again.