Prioritise a proper Mac M1 silicon build for version 5.0

Hello Epic Games,

There are thousands of artists and programmers who use Mac, especially Mac M1s to do their amazing art.

For them to enter in troves and create fantastic new creations it is paramount to update Unreal Engine 5 to support Silicon based architecture of M1s. Performance is too poor among many areas, despite the fantastic graphic capability of the Macs. I see much better FPS with an old Windows PC with an AMD Rx 480 compared to a Mac M1 from 2021. This doesn’t seem right.

Other bugs such as with water plugin show a clear difference between Windows / Mac WaterPlugin - Broken in UE 5.0.0? which you can check out in this thread.

Aside from this and various random crashes, building a macOS app is an impossible task, with errors that make impossible to package applications to try out. Check this thread where I detail what’s happening Build Fails for MacOs app on Unreal Engine 5 in a Mac M1 Pro

I have provided crash reports every time something like this happened and I haven’t received any feedback yet.

The only thing I ask is: look at your Mac users! Don’t leave them behind and embrace them. You have an amazing product and this is a golden opportunity.

Looking forward for some hotfixes/updates.


Seriously the fact that this post has no replies just echoes his point. Don’t ignore us.