waterfall ?

is possible link tutorial waterfall with particles or material? thx :slight_smile:

Not sure about a tutorial but you can find a working waterfall in the cave demo or particle demo on the launcher. You can take a look at this and see how it is made :slight_smile:

my water in the deep fade fine, but then in small water heights , water texture does not stand out . how to improve?

You can do a simple waterfall with particles.
Give it a lit shadowing and collision events and zoom a dynamic waterfall.
Poblem will be the visuals, you need hard tweaking to have a good waterfall.

as the material is made to dispel the mesh of the river to the ocean, or falling water from a height to another. a material vanish only by one side , or two sides or three sides, radially as depthfade not only on specific faces … … that would serve me a lot


when I get serious , I get serious , lol , I got the depth , and got transparencies and fading on the shore … now only need to add more things … but it stays xD


depth viewing commands … everything is from the camera of the player, there is some way that is material depth from the material itself, not from the camera?

is posible volume cube to create fog? tutorial? :smiley: