The new water system isn’t working for me. One of the problems I’ve experienced is that WaterBodyCustom’s Z coordinate increases during standalone or packaged play so that it’s way above the rest of the level, and setting the value in its details panel has no effect.

I’m also having problems with rivers and lakes. When I lay them down, they deform the landscape OK, but the edges flow up. If I raise the landscape’s Z coord to at least -25000, then it starts to look OK – but doing that uniformly in the rest of my design isn’t practical.

I’m also having trouble in packaged mode (but not standalone), where the persistent level won’t load. I’ve tried every trick I can think of, but no luck.

I finally decided I’d try disabling the water plugin. In the process, I had to remove the WaterBrushManager, but UE won’t let me, complaining that the object is referenced by my Landscape object. OK, fine, except the Landscape object’s detail panel doesn’t mention WaterBrushManager, nor does it appear in any of the World Composition config settings I can find.

So I decided to try disabling the Water plugin. After restart, things are still working in standalone mode. But now it won’t package, complaining that WaterBrushManager is undefined (apparently it’s still referenced by the persistent landscape object).

Any tips on how to debug this further would be most appreciated.