Water waves plugin. Buoyancy physics cuts the top off waves

In a scene with a water body ocean created, and an Actor with a buoyancy component.

The Actor enters the water and returns the wave height offset at the Actors position. When the Actor exits the water, it ceases to receive water height information. Using relatively large waves, the Actor behaves normally, floating on the surface of the water; partially submerged. But, as it rises with a wave, it seems to exit prematurely and bobs on a flat plane about 3 quarters up the wave. As the wave transitions, the Actor settles normally into the water, before rising up the next wave and cutting the top again. So it seems the Actor is leaving the Water bounds early.

Using r.Water.DebugBuoyancy cvar shows that correct wave position data is being returned and that buoyancy is being ‘deactivated’ at this transition point. Moving the water surface up or down or its associated landscape has no affect.
Has anyone had experience with this?