Hey folks, coming in as a newbie from Unity here.
Attached a screenshot of our game ported over from Unity to Unreal.
Everything so far has been beyond awesome, but I’m running into trouble with water.

As you can see in the screeny, the water has super nice reflections. However, as soon as I turn the material renderer over to handle translucency, the reflections go away. Is it possible to keep both?



Hi, this is known bug with ue4, translucent material doesn’t have reflections, but i think this will be fixed in the next version (4.8).

Almusx is correct that this can be enabled via a checkbox in the material parameters when using Translucency.

I just want to also say that just because a feature has not been implemented, this does not make it a “bug.” It’s just not been worked in yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, at least I know it’s coming and that’s good enough for me.
For now we’ll just mask it with some water plants and putting some crawling fog over the water to create a fuzzy edge.

Tim, what do you mean when you say “this can be enabled via a checkbox in the material parameters”? It can be enabled? Or is it better to wait for 4.8?


Once 4.8 releases it will be a checkbox in the material parameters. It’s not currently in 4.7. It will not be on by default in 4.8.

That makes complete sense Tim. Thanks so much! You guys rock.


Actually, the option to enable it is present in 4.7. And, oddly, the way to enable it is even described in the documentation:

(near the middle of the page)

The only reason I mention this is because I just lost a few hours trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work, gave up, searched the forum, and ended up in this thread. :slight_smile:

If you follow the steps in described there, your material will just turn black and semi-transparent.

That section is about baked reflections from reflections captures. Those have worked for a long time in the manner described in the documentation. What they were talking about here are screen space reflections, those were not supported, but will be in 4.8.

If your material turns black when you use them you are missing proper reflection captures in your scene.

Ah, thanks Arnage. Yes, I’m also looking for the dynamic reflections, not baked.