Water system with large landscapes


When I used the new water system for 4.26 in a large (8km by 8km) landscape The water plane will not render (but the underwater postprocess is fine). I did a controlled test to verify and get some info on the problem.

I built 2 new projects, 3rd person example: then I

  • enabled water and shallow water
  • imported a landscape (shown is the settings for the 8km landscape, the only change for the small landscape is that I reduced the number of components to 1x1 and the section size to 127 so the total res was 256x256
  • restart editor
  • placed a lake

here are the results for the small and then large landscape


I didn’t test to see whether it was the size or the resolution of the landscape that was the problem. If that’s relevant I can definitely test.

我测试了,如果你的Actor的位置z轴在-10026以下,它就不会显示,也许是WaterMeshActor里面有个RTWorld Location决定的,因为同样是里面的FarDistance,能够正常工作

I tested that if your Actor’s z-axis is below -10026, it doesn’t show up, maybe there’s a RTWorld Location in the WaterMeshActor, because that’s the same FarDistance that works

I don’t think the problem connected to size, because I have a huge landscape in my project.