Water Shader turns black just in one Scene.

I was working in a scene and I enable Distance Fields because I need to make a water Shader, so I did this and for the first time I got a problem.
My water shader in my level turn the color of the water black, so I created a blank level to test and just push the same mesh into the scene and worked great, so I’m quite confused cause that never happened before and it’s happening only in my scene. I already deleted all the lightning too see if it was a lightning problem but no.
I’m using Unreal 4.45.4
this is only happening in my level.
on left, is the Mesh Distance Feld Visualizer and left the render scene

The error scene:

Lightning and Unlit looks normal too.

Reflection captures? Missing or not built.

The default level does have one in at 0,0,0.