Water Reflection occlusion by assets

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to occlude the UE water reflections when placing objects on the water. It looks fine when the sun is up but on a sunset for instance the reflections act like there is nothing occluding the light or the sky reflection. Is there a way to cast shadows on the water material to dim down the reflections where the water should be occluded?

what type of reflection are you using?
it seems that the model is not being considered for reflections.

Yeah it looks like the water is not using SSR? That’s just the UE water as is. But I am on UE5 so I guess it could be broken.

Oh I found out why. It seems Lumen doesn’t work. I had to switch to SSR for the reflections. Anybody knows what the issue is with Lumen reflections? Is it still a SS method or how does that work?

to me it seems a combination of cubemaps and ssr. i have the feeling that its a sparse grid reflection probe kinda thing + ssr on top of that. which is not ideal and using other reflection methods doesnt capture lumen gi so…

I always thought Lumen was going to expand the way it works better than simply within screen space but I noticed the bounces disappear when you move the camera like how the reflections disappear with SSR. So in the end it has the same limitations for both lighting and reflections.

You seem to not even have tested it. Its ssr+distancefield reflections

you seem to have no idea what you are talking about. but please “lumen” us with a short explanation on what distancefield reflections are

From what I gathered the reflections I see using Lumen are very basic and bad looking shapes that sometimes have some kind of basic colors and for some complex shaders it shows just a black silhouette. It seems it is attempting to be better than SSR but I guess it is still in development so I hope that is not final. In the case of the Single Layer water Lumen reflections don’t even work. I realized about the other a week ago messing around with simple reflective planes next to some simple boxes and some Megascans assets to see the difference. As mentioned the boxes retained the color in the reflection but for the Megascans it was kind of blending between SSR and that extra silhouette probably rendered out of the screen in it’s basic form to be as cheap as possible. Correct me if I am wrong here. Honestly I am not 100% sure how things work internally but that’s what I could see. In the case of the Single Layer water Lumen reflections don’t even work and that was why I my mesh was not occluding the reflection in the water at all until I switched to SSR.

Exactly what the name implies.

Same issue with Ray traced too. Have you found a fix?