Water plugin without landscape?

Is this possible?

I do not wish to use a landscape in my project, but rather have endless ocean. I don’t know if the underlying landscape created performance overhead (it’s a VR project).

Isn’t it possible to adjust transparency of the ocean water? So you do not need a landscape, IMHO.

You dont have any rendering problem on VR with Water plugin ?
Because it works only if you turn off Instanced Stereo, and that setting you probably want to turn on if you make VR game because of FPS:roll_eyes:

Turns out, yes, Epic’s water plugin isn’t fully VR compatible.

I hadn’t gotten that far yet, so I guess it’s back to 3rd party plugins again (where none of them require landscapes anyway, but each that I’ve tried had some sort of shortcoming in VR as well, although it’s been mostly sky and reflection related).

Any suggestions for good and working assets in marketplace about Water?
Who is working in VR mode?

We have used Physical Water Surface so far and it works well in VR (forward/msaa/instanced stereo) and also has volume subtraction for hull interiors (but we’ve never managed to get the reflections of the sky perfect, and never managed to obscure the sun behind the clouds).

Wow thanks a lot for asset :slight_smile:
I found that you can make materials who is “faking” reflection, later will maybi try to make one, and i will show effect.

there is a variant of the base water material which has “custom mesh” in the name. If you use that material there is no terrain required. I believe it is simple a shader variant with no terrain reference dependencies. Haven’t really looked deep into it

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thank you sir - this is what I’ve been after. If you don’t want to use a landscape to have water, use the ‘water body custom’ actor that the water plugin provides.