Water Planes

Does anyone know if I can use water planes for a mobile game?

According to the Epic rules about the marketplace and all Epic content, you can use any FREE asset given through Epic to any kind of professional work: games, film, visualization, without any issues. The only restriction is that you are forbidden to resell those same FREE content in source format.


Mas você sabe se este Water planes roda em android e ios?

Those could work well in recent models (iphone 8 and up, galaxy s8 and up) but not sure about significant older models.

There is another free asset that you should look at and which contains cheaper versions of materials which can be used for mobile:

PS: desculpe por responder em inglês, porém as regras do forum estabelecem sessões próprias para discussão em outro idioma, toda a maioria do forum deve ser em inglês. Vc pode postar na sessão Brazil que eventualmente dou uma olhada nas perguntas por lá.

Okay thank you, it helped me a lot. No problem, I speak some English. And one more question does the water plug-in that comes in the unreal engine runs well on mobile devices (android and ios)?

This aquatic material, I know, but then this one works well on mobiles, I can use it in my project?

You will have to test both, since they are free you won’t lose anything besides time looking at them. You might need is to check how the built-in water surface works with latest UE4 (it is in use with Fortnite including mobile) and study those 2 cases of free assets and modify them to fit that. Those would be the steps I would do myself if I were working with mobile games.