Water plane problem

I’ve got a problem in that I’m trying to use a water plane that’s at a similar level to the surface the player stands on, but at distance it looks horrible.

I’m using the water plane and ocean materials from the infinity grasslands demo, how do I fix this, what do I need to alter as I’m tearing my hair out!

Please help!


Hi delta
What kind of mapping coordinates are you using? Can you show us your material nodes?

Hi There,

I’m using the M_plains_Ocean material from the “infinity blade grasslands” pack fro epic, I’m also using their SM_WaterPlain albeit at a scale of 400x400x400.

I think its using standard UV’s.

Would really appreciate some help!

To be honest I’m not sure what your problem is! :wink: :smiley:
…but a plane reflection capture sure would help! :wink:

It looks like the normals are stretched because the mapping is distorted also maybe the normals are too strong judging from the heavy darks and something is wrong with the material setup. But I cant say for sure without some more intel. Send a snap of the water from top or above, the UV coordinates, and the material.

Here’s a pic of the water from atop, the material is the M_Ocean_Water material from the infinity grasslands blade pack, theres been no change to it at all. Its’s too big to take a screenshot of.

Can you please advise.