Water material reflection and refraction issue


I’m trying to make water material and got that result:

Here I’m losing refractions and got cutted reflections in bottom area of viewport

How it can be solved?


Here is another post where we discussed the issue:

I tried you way to material and got bottom and left white borders
On second screen material works under bsp:

I’m working on something very similar right now. Translucent water with depth fade with reflection doesn’t seem to play nice right now. Atmospheric fog with translucent materials is currently just broken, I can use ExponentialHeightFog though…this still does some odd things to the far ends of my water plane.

I can show you some of the pieces that I have currently:

Here is what some of the shader parts look like:

I think you should take a look at this video…it got me to where I had something acceptable and then I was tweaking from there:

[UE4 - Interior Water #1][3]

I’m not sure if all this will give you what you need…but might help!

Any fix ever will be made for this?