Water Material Not Appearing

After I built the lighting in my level, the water material just stopped appearing. It is still a material just does not appear. I tried all the other water materials and they all seem to not work. Any fix for this?

Do you have any screenshots of a before and after?



The buyancy objects are still effected as if there was water there.

2 things to try.

  1. apply the material to a cube, place cube, rebuild, see if visible in any way.

  2. new level (smallest map possible). Keep it square. Add the water w/e else (lights). Build and test.

The built in engine water apparently had issues since forever with non uniform terrain. If 2 works, then you need to make your map square in your original scene.

If neither 1 nor 2 work, then its time to look at the material more closely.
What is it?

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I tried both of those, however the cube did not show and neither did 2.