Water material is no rendering in packed version

I have trouble with water material. Water material in editor works well, but in packed version I can see only basic material. How can I fix this?

I’ve noticed also, that material compiles always when i restart editor

With knowledge from studying blender, I’ve realised that there are rendering glitches when applying a certain amount of polygons. However, if you go to another viewing port and go back to the original editor, the glitch disappears on the display of your model.
This is just a guess, but perhaps this is a similar glitch :question:

I rebuilded level. Now material in packed version is invisible. I’m using UE water plugin.

Maybe your file is zipped? Go into your contents folder on your computer, and unzip the file.
If this doesn’t work for the asset you’re using, then sorry, I don’t know how else to help out…
Good Luck!