Water material is black and weird

I followed 's tutorial about water material

and i’ve created two materials, the first one i followed along the tutorials, but i can’t really get the desired result, i’ve tweak some nodes, it turned black instead, and for the second one, i’ve changed some settings, i didn’t use any constant parameters for the Depth Fade, and changed the blend mode from translucent to additive, it looks decent, but it still weird to look at those transparent part between the ripples.

I’m creating an outdoor map for my final project and I’m really new to unreal engine, i’ve started almost 1 month ago after changed from unity.

Hey IzaBoy21,

So in order to help you effectively could you provide me with some screenshots of the Material you created when following along with my tutorial?

Just as a note, and since you are on a little time constraint. We have provided our users with a free Water Planes demo project. This was made by one of our best technical artists, and has been optimized for performance so users can drag and drop these into their projects and modify the blueprint to get the correct look and feel.

To find this, go to the Learn tab of the launcher and locate the ‘Water Planes’ example project. You are going to need to create a new 4.8.3 project and add the Water Planes content to this project, and then open a copy of the project, and migrate it over to your 4.9 current project.

If you have questions on how to do this, please let me know and I can provide some simple clear steps.