Water Material Help

I am extremely new to all of this and am working off of youtube videos and lots of trial and error to learn, which isn’t the best way pf learning but I am getting quite good at landscapes and whatever but the point is for my first project I want to add a pond to my land scape but am have so much trouble with getting a water material down. All of the tutorials online I’ve seen have used the starter content mat which for some reason does not work for me. It doesn’t go transparent its just a colored shape with moving ripples on it.

After giving up on that method I moved to a tutorial I found here A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums I followed it exactly as written twice and still could not get it.

The pond just bounces up and down instead of having waves.
It is just black with ripples moving ontop, no transparency, no visible reflectance, I know this whole is because I have clue how to use this program so some help would be extremely appreciated.

The waves/ripples look great when upclose but are hard to see as the whoe mat is still black despite everything hooked up to the base color and the reflectance seems to work but I can only see a small amount of it again because its black.
And yes I have built the lighting.

Hey, you might be interested in Water sample project. In Launcher open “Learn” tab and scroll down to "Water planes. There you can find some examples of basic water with transparency and waves

Hi there,

Looking at your material graph it appears you are multiplying the base color by 0 (Black = 0). To fix it change the value of the “Diffuse Multiply” to 1 or greater.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much :smiley: that helped out a lot, I’m going to study these until I fully understand water in UE4

Thanks! I feel stupid now xD I guess these tutorials are meant for people with just a little bit more knowledge than I have of UE4