Water Material Help

So I followed both these tutorials; and

First I followed the Youtube link tutorial, the material came out fine and I wanted to expand on it. After some research I found the one authored by Hailey Williams. I followed exactly what she did except for 2 nodes as I didn’t know what they are, I’ve attached screenshots of both mine (Elliot) and her nodes (Hailey) I have no clue what hers are.

Also, the plugin for the tessellation section is plugged in to a multiply A with something called Position_Offset. Now, I guessed that to be a constant, I cannot make out the value of it either but I’ve attached a terrible resolution image of this.

I shall show you a GIF of my material after finishing her instructions;

I really need some help, and would appreciate it greatly!

looks like your value in exp of the power node is wrong, looks like it should be at least 1 (white), second, wavelength value is in scientific notation, and means 15000 units