Water is very laggy

Hi, everyone! I’m trying to implement a water in my game. After I turned on plugin, everything was ok but when I dragged a water body (lake or river) into my scene, that caused a HUUGE performance impact. From 48 FPS to like 2. I’m using Unreal Engine 4.27.2, my videocard - AMD Radeon RX 560.

I don’t think your GPU is up to it, I’m afraid. You need at least a 1000 series, ideally 2000/3000.

You can still do things with water materials, but the water actor might be a bit much.

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Ok, thanks for reply!

UPDATE: I just restarted the editor and miraculously my FPS is now the same 48. I don’t know how but it works great! Maybe it just cached the asset itself or the water plugin and everything works fine now.

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Often, when you add something new to your level which uses shaders that have not been used before, the engine will start compiling those shaders. Water system likely uses special shaders for the water, so it’s possible your FPS tanked for a bit because the shaders started compiling. Whenever you see “compiling shaders” in UE4 or “preparing shaders” in UE5, expect your FPS to get bad before it finishes.