Water getting pixelated in oculus quest over time.

Hi, I’m having a problem with the water texture getting pixelated and choppy over time, when playing on the oculus quest. This does not happen in the VR preview on PC, even when using android ES3.1 preview.

Left after a few minutes, right at the beginning of the level.

Aerial view from the editor. When I used one big plane, the texture was pixelated from the beginning (on the quest), I assumed it was due to compression, or the process of deploying to the quest, and making multiple small planes seemed to fix the problem. Upon prolonged gameplay testing, I have noticed this problem.

I’m using UE 4.24 and the material on the water is the default water material, with UV, color and panner scalars added so I can adjust it in the preview to look good. Nothing is changed dynamically by me. I tried running it with the default water, and the same thing happens. As I’m writing this, maybe it’s something to do with the panner ? I’ll do more testing, but I wanted to have this post made just in case it’s a checkbox somewhere in the settings.

In the Material Detail panel, go to the Mobile section and enable the Use Full Precision checkmark box and if you are using the Froward Render, enable the High Quality Reflections. By default, these options are disabled on Mobile as they can have a huge impact on performance.