Water Flowing

I want to make Water Flowing on my map, but I don’t know how can I make it.


Expected Result:


I think the easiest way would be to either use a water/waterfall plane + a material which simulates the movement of the water (like the one which you can find in UDK) or a particle system like in the effect demo :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try! And the rain, what is the best way? :slight_smile:

Either with rain planes (very basic way) or with a particle system (you can find something similar in the effect demo) which is placed over the head of the player (so that the rain particle is just around the player and not over the entire world -> better performance)

You could also simulate the water in an external program. I think this is what epic
did with the lava in the elemental demo.

That is not how it’s done, He really needs to model this piece and play with the material and some vertex anim and then fill the collision / overlap with splashes.

I already have the particle of the rain (ContentExamples) but how can I expand the range of the particle? It’s complicate copy and paste particle for the whole map xD

Dont place it over the entire map -> just around/over the player (attach it) :slight_smile:

Btw, here is how epic games made the waterfall in UDK (probably it works the same in the UE4)


You need to edit the radius of the particle emitter, double click on the asset and choose the “Cylinder” part of the emitter and increase the size in the details panel as shown in this example:

When you increase the size of the area it will decrease how much rain is falling (as it is spread out), so in the “Spawn” tab from the Emitters section change the Rate value as shown below:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Yes, but in my case I have to put in whole map, and I need to scale to be like a box to put in the sky, because this particle is circle.

PS: Thanks I will try :3

Increase initial location range if you need it to literally cover whole map. Set the particle type to GPU so you can run the required number of particles without crashing the game, it’s going to be a lot.

He just needs to optimize his material to occlude on distance.

Haha, no. The lava is just set of static meshes.

Is there anyway RealFlow could be used for the particle system? With a very low particle count, of course.

No, realflow is for CAD, not for games. You’d need an enormous number of particles and expensive shaders to get anywhere near the fidelity you could get from a static mesh anyway.

Hi guys,

I need to achieve a very similar result in my scene :


How should I go about doing this?

I tried using a flowmap generated by World Machine a while ago. Baked it down on a custom simplified mesh that overlays the mesh behind the water. But since the waterfall you want has no disyortion you could use a simple plane in the shape of the flow of the waterfall and apply a texture.

It requires much manual effort though.