Water effects and river generation.

Hi all, just thought I’d ask this question whilst I am downloading.

Has there been anything implemented that would allow the creation of a river over uneven topology? Something similar to CryEngine 3’s tool?

In UE3 i have had to resort to fluid actor planes etc, which while they look good and all, I really don’t want my river to have corners where the planes meet.

Anyway I’m going to have a tinker, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at the spline tool -> I think with that you can create pretty good rivers (but I havent tried it out yet ^^)

Yeah, spline tool is good for making rivers, roads, etc. You can find it in Landscape editor.
You still need to make your own material though.

Ah cheers for a quick response! Mats wont be an issue for me. Just being able to define the path itself in one fluid piece was the most important for me.

But uh, has anyone worked out how to add water?

like a large body of it…im thinking of toying with a landscape with a water mat on it and turning off collision.

Post your method of making water if you have worked it out!

EDIT - Adding water is simple as adding a Static Mesh Floor plane. then adding the water mat on it

Can’t you just use a plane mesh instead? I don’t think using a landscape to make an ocean is the best way.

This seems like a sensible option.

Probably even combined with something like a collision trigger for changing, among other things, player properties to be swimming, lighting/etc effects for being underwater.

I’m presuming you meant something like creating the lake bed (and surroundings) in landscape, then adding a single plane to act as the water surface.

Yeah, you should make the terrain with Landscape and water, river, ocean, etc. in your modeling software. That way you can also have control over the flow of textures(waves and stuff) since you can unwrap and bend the model as you wish when you make a river.

You can use a physics volume to define an area as water and change the player animation for swimming, should be able to use it for buoyancy as well. I took a look through the programming docs, but couldn’t find a reference to buoyancy in anything that the pawn is derived from, unlike the UDK. Anyone have insight on that? You can add a post process volume to create an underwater effect too.

use the water volume and the post processing volume for the underwater area then either an animated plain with water texture or flat plain with animated water texture put on top of your two volumes for buoyancy i suppose you could use blueprints?

water is currently my work zone… so if i come up with any great solutions ill let everyone know… maybe even a tut…

for now i have simply used a floor plane and added a water mat into it for a placeholder. I have already worked out the physics volume etc pretty similar to udk there. here’s hoping for a better water tool. also i have no idea how to use the spline, the documentation was a bit tricky to follow. it seems i need a mesh to paint for it, but water isnt a mesh as far as i know, any tutes on this would be great.

i used a plane i imported from max and placed it ontop of the two volumes