Water changing colour

My water is changing colour quite dramatically when you move past a certain point in the world.



I’ve set up a reflection capture actors and set it to have bounds that encapsulate the world, because I’m not too concerned about reflections apart from them sort of being right for now. But the colour change is too much. What might be causing it?

Also, it changes colour instantly, like someone flicked a switch.

Not sure what the reason for the visual glitch is but my landscape position is massive so the water was offset quite a lot to be in the right location. It was even difficult getting things centered around 0,0,0 again, but eventually I managed to find a view angle where I could drag everything about 300k units and it came right.

Do you have any post processing volumes you might be entering? Or maybe it’s some kind of fog issue?

Nope, nothing like that. It seemed more like a bug to do with large offsets.